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Next Project

July 22nd, 2018

Next up is the Baby’s new French ensemble.

This is definitely a zombie project. I’m enjoying it — lovely soft yarn, the added challenge of instructions in French, and of course the pleasure of making something for my precious little grandchild, the Baby.

But I need an epic project to complement the zombie project, right?

I’m tempted to move on to another lace shawl. This one has 5 stitch charts. Since it’s a kit, I can feel confident about having enough yarn. It’s Cloudborn silk/alpaca blend laceweight.

But maybe too difficult.

I also have the Leaves and Flowers silk shawl on the needles.

I also have this New Zealand possum fur cardigan on the needles. It’s Amy Herzog’s Chimera.

And Adiri, a lace and cable pullover.

I need to start #2 son’s argyle vest for Christmas, too

For the moment, it’s the Plage de la Greve Rose dress. There’s a coordinating sweater, bonnet, and shoes, too. That might keep me engaged for a while.

Finished Quixote Shawl

July 22nd, 2018

This is the finished Quixote Shawl from the book Wanderlust. I made it in KnitPicks Alpaca Cloud fingering weight yarn in violet, using size 3 needles.

I love it.

Quixote Shawl

July 21st, 2018

Here’s the completed Quixote Shawl, unblocked.

I pinned it out with mes epingles from Versailles. They are wicked sharp, and I hope they will do a good job. I resisted buying proper blocking wires and so forth, and I hope I don’t regret that.

Here it is, pinned out to the correct size. I like it, even with all the errors. I want to jump right in and make another shawl, but I think I will resist that. It took just three weeks, though. True, I have been knitting pretty intensively in my free time, but that’s still half the time a sweater takes.

In non-knitting news, all the grandkids came over this morning with their parents, which is to say I had half my kids and all my grandkids over. They brought doughnuts from Rick’s and we had intended to play games, but we got too involved in conversation.

We were talking about sustainability, the responsibility of corporations, and whether wickedness is just part of life and something to be accepted, or not.

I showed the Little Girl how to knit again, and also showed by DIL. I sent them home with yarn, needles, and a book. They said they’ll practice every day and I will check in with them when next I see them.

They’re heading out to visit #2 son in Colorado.

The Baby is going with her parents (#1 daughter and the Good Ol’ Boy) to a funeral in Texas.

I am not going anywhere. I’ll knit and work and read books.

That’s what I mostly did today. I baked a pineapple upside down cake, with traditional pineapple and cherry design, in a traditional cast iron pan.

I did a little tiny bit of work, not nearly as much as I should have. I did an equally tiny bit of housework. I accepted #1 daughter’s dogs for dog-sitting. But I actually got the shawl finished, so I feel as though I had a productive day.

Balloon Head

July 20th, 2018

I woke at 4:00 a.m. thinking about work. I considered getting up and working, but when I moved my head it felt odd, so I concluded that I wasn’t awake and went back to sleep.

When I got up, I still felt odd. My head felt like a balloon bobbing along in an unstable way when I moved. When I bent over I felt nauseated.

What is wrong with me? I don’t know. I looked up lightheadedness and dizziness, though neither word says exactly what I mean.

So then I looked for “I feel like my head is a balloon.”

To my surprise and consternation, I discovered that there are lots of web pages on this. They don’t mean what I mean. They seem to be complaining of pressure — a feeling as though a balloon is being blown up in their heads.

Dr. Google’s diagnosis? Stress, sinus pressure flu, stroke. BPV. Heart attack.

I hope it’s not stroke or heart disease.

How Big Is My Shawl?

July 20th, 2018

This shawl is supposed to finish out at 58 inches by 24 inches.

How can I possibly tell? For one thing, it’s lace so it’s impossible to measure it accurately before it’s blocked. I’ve measured the center line, and it is 25″. But it looks small, so I don’t trust that.

For another, I can’t spread it out at all. It may be 25″ long, but I have no idea how wide it is. The motifs are about 4″ wide and there are 16 of them, so it should in theory be wide enough… but did I mention that it looks small?

This is my Doing It Wrong lace shawl, my opportunity to make mistakes and mess it up so that I will do the next one better. So maybe I will just go ahead and move on to the border. If it turns out too small, I can always add another border. right?

Bisi loves the Quixote Shawl, or more properly she loves the alpaca yarn. Here she is luxuriating in it as I wound up the third skein.

She nuzzled it and wrapped her head in it. She would gladly steal it and take it to her lair for her treasure hoard (she doesn’y have those things; I’m just expressing her apparent feelings about it). She doesn’t care how big it is.


July 15th, 2018

I’ve been trying out Bitesnap, food tracking app.  I found the DailyBurn app (I think it was called Blaance) very helpful — it required taking a photo and then inputting the count of Evil 6.

This one doesn’t do Evil 6. It identified and calculates macros and a whole bunch of other nutrients you can choose. You want to improve your zinc intake? You can do it.

You just take a photo. The app offers you choices — are those cherries on the plate? Just click. You can search for things not on the list. It takes just seconds to click quantities and prep. The app uses your choices to calculate your intake.

You can add new foods. I should do so for my super pancakes — the protein and fiber averages shown below would probably be on target if I had done so instead of just accepting the basic whole wheat pancake item.

I’ve used it for a week and I can see clearly that I’m under on fiber and protein and waaaay over on sugars. You can see the averages of the past 7 days, or of longer periods.

The day above was fine for breakfast and lunch, but dinner was about speed and comfort. Lemon Oreos for gouter? No excuse for that.

My macros are pretty good, but the photos show too many simple carbs: pasta, bread, cookies. I  know there should be half a plate of produce, plus a palm-sized piece of lean protein. Whole grains for breakfast and maybe some nuts.

I haven’t figured out how to save things with the correct time stamp, so meals get smushed together.

However, it’s good to be able to snap a picture and then put in the details later.

I will see if this can help me get back on track for the Evil 6. At least, it should help me stay conscious of what I’m eating when things are crazy busy.

Weekend Plans

July 14th, 2018

My husband and I went to the farmers market and scored lots of lovely vegetables, including some baby summer squash from this stall.

We got fruit as well: blueberries and white peaches. Also a jar of hot sauce. With our food box arriving today, we are set for the week.

We’re lucky to live in such a nice town.

I can now return to my knitting without feeling bad about spending the whole weekend on the sofa. Even though I will in fact be spending most of the weekend on the sofa. Recharging. And yet productive, because I am knitting.

The Quixote shawl I am knitting should be nearly finished, because I have completed the number of repeats called for by the pattern. However, since the pattern is written for worsted weight yarn on size 10 needles and I am making it in fingering weight yarn on size 4 needles, I’m only about halfway there.

Onward, then!

Quixote and Bitesnap

July 12th, 2018

Quixote is growing nicely.

I’m trying out a new food tracking app, Bitesnap.

I can’t figure out how to save things intentionally as meals, so it seems to mix things up. Oatmeal and cranberries for breakfast here, stir fry and rice for lunch with blueberries, chicken and vegetables for dinner, followed by cake. I didn’t remember to snap the cake, so I grabbed an old photo of a pastry to stand in.

Garden Produce

July 9th, 2018

Fresh tomatoes!

A few flowers.

Quixote Shawl

July 8th, 2018

I’ve spent the weekend working on the Quixote Shawl, a triangular lace shawl from the book Wanderlust

I’m knitting it in Knit Picks Alpaca Cloud Fingering weight in colorway Violet. I’ve used up one skein and I have three, so I hope I’m one third of the way finished.

I’m making lots of errors, and of course you can’t tell how lace will look till it’s blocked, but I’m hoping for a rustic folk art look.

Bisi has been helping me. She came up for a close up.

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