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Celebrity Look-Alikes?

Thursday, January 31st, 2008

I got home about 9:00 last night, having missed dinner and had an unexpectedly exciting ending to the evening. I warmed up leftovers, ate, and decided to fool around a bit online while waiting for #1 daughter to show up so I could tell her my interesting experience. So I decided to go play with […]

Wednesday January 30, 2008

Wednesday, January 30th, 2008

Yesterday I had to take my kid to the dentist again, and so once again I didn’t get to the gym before heading in to the store for work. Since I wouldn’t make it home till 9:00 that evening, I decided to take a walk at lunch time. When I drove up to the store, […]

Tuesday January 29, 2008

Tuesday, January 29th, 2008

#1 daughter got to go to court yesterday. At a strategic moment, they sent her out for a file. Or of course they might have just forgotten it, but if it had been me, with a minion sitting there looking like a cross between Audrey Hepburn and Ueto Aya (actually, I stole that from her […]

Monday January 28, 2008

Monday, January 28th, 2008

So yesterday morning I went to the early service as well as the one I normally attend, in order to get more data for my project of helping them get their music woes fixed, and I was able to make some simple calculations. The first service has less than half the music the second service […]

New Stuff Time

Sunday, January 27th, 2008

It’s New Stuff Time in the retail world. At the store, that means taking pictures, posting them on the websites, and thinking up clever ways to use the new thingsĀ in the February workshops. At home, I received a package from Central Office with the coming season’s recipes, so we will be practicing them. Last season, […]

Saturday January 26, 2008

Saturday, January 26th, 2008

#1 daughter didn’t come in last night, since they had bad weather there, so I have no good update on her. Here’s what I do know: When she first got there, they put her into a little room filled with boxes of paper. Sort of like the miller’s daughter in “Rumpelstitskin.” She had to input, copy, […]

Friday January 25, 2008

Friday, January 25th, 2008

More presents arrived in the mail. I have definitely gotten used to this. If I ever fall from the present lists, I will begin to feel hard done by, I can tell. Central Office sent me some sea-green kitchen utensils and a new Greek spice blend. I could just keep it on my desk and smell it […]

Thursday January 24, 2008

Thursday, January 24th, 2008

Yesterday was just one long gallop. Two days in a row I have not found time to work out, nor to knit. However, I have been involved in some interesting conversations. Ozarque has been talking about her perception that the current generation gap is bigger than ever before. So much of this depends on what […]

Wednesday January 23, 2008

Wednesday, January 23rd, 2008

My list of things to do, places to go, and people to see today is really way too long. I have been feeling oppressed by it for a couple of days. However, it does also give me the opportunity for rumination. You see,  for the third grade, state history requirements specify a weird little collection […]

Tuesday January 22, 2008

Tuesday, January 22nd, 2008

From Scriveling, a list of 100 books all kids should read, with those I’ve read in bold type. The Twits, by Roald Dahl Burglar Bill, by Janet and Allan Ahlberg The Tiger who came to tea, by Judith Kerr Where the wild things are, by Maurice Sendak The Tale of Samuel Whiskers, by Beatrix Potter […]

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