Month: February 2011


Social Invitations

Today I accepted a whole bunch of social invitations. This is odd, since otherwise by day consisted of getting up early to work before church, going to church, and coming back and working some more. That might be why I […]


Wearable Muslin

I ended up working pretty much all day yesterday, since some issues arose with websites. In the evening, though, I traced off the pattern pieces, cut the dress from the unpleasant fabric, and basted the front together to see if […]


Winter SWAP


#2 daughter and I had lunch yesterday, our usual Friday custom but one which has been baffled by the snow recently. I teach on Friday mornings in the town where she lives, so we meet at Panera and deal with […]


Diagonal Cardigan

It’s still snowy, but the main roads are clear, I’m told. I haven’t left my house since it started snowing last week. I’ve been working what one of the guys I interviewed for the Successful Men series described as “half […]