Month: March 2012


T-Shirt Quilt


I got #1 son’s quilt sewn together this weekend. Yes, I know the corners don’t match properly, but if they did, he would feel as though someone else had made it, and not his mother. My husband and I got […]


New Sewing Mchine

I bought the sashing and sewed one row before my sewing machine died. I found a great deal on a little Brother machine with all kinds of fancy stuff like automatic buttonholes at Amazon, and hope it’ll arrive fast enough […]


Comfort/Discomfort Cycle

In business, it’s normal to go through cycles of comfort and discomfort. #2 son, who studies economics, told me the proper name for it and drew me the chart, but I don’t remember the official details. Anyway, you grow and […]


A Fabulous Year

An interesting corner of The Art Professor’s office. I was there for a video project with a group of students and The New Guy. Said New Guy told us that this was done with a hair dryer, but The Art […]


Saturday March 3, 2012


It’s my birthday today. I’m not working. I have a lot of work to do, and lots of housework as well, ut I once read somewhere that it isn’t fun to have nothing to do — it’s fun to have […]