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Saturday, November 30th, 2013

We had Thanksgiving dinner with most of our kids, #1 daughter’s finacee, my stepfather, his sister, and her fiance. Then we got down to games. The following day we took the dogs for a walk and saw a deer, watched Sherlock, and talked. I knitted. #2 daughter was able to interpret the difficult bit of […]

Thanksgiving Dinner

Friday, November 29th, 2013

Turkey, dressing, potatoes, rice, gravy, corn, hot rolls, mandarin oranges, green salad with caramelized cashews and dried cranberries… coffee service, champagne cocktail, pecan pie, Possum Pie… mince pie.

Not Working

Monday, November 25th, 2013

I couldn’t work on Saturday. I just couldn’t. I did some housework, decorated a bit (see the mantel below), read the latest Stephanie Plum, and made good progress on the second sleeve of #2 daughter’s Christmas sweater. On Sunday, I got up and worked for a couple of hours and got in another couple of […]

Staff Meeting

Saturday, November 23rd, 2013

We had our monthly staff meeting at #1 daughter’s place. We watched a video from the Soderquist Center, did a little exercise, and discussed the discussion questions. I was afraid that people would dislike doing a cheesy team building/ leadership training exercise, but actually everyone got into it and we had a good discussion. The […]

That’s Not What Failure Looks Like

Friday, November 22nd, 2013

I may have mentioned before that I have not met any of my goals this year. None. Not even the smallest ones — I haven’t had a social event a week, I haven’t finished six craft projects… As for the bigger goals, they didn’t get done either: I didn’t complete the SWAP or the quilt, […]

A Full Week

Thursday, November 21st, 2013

We had a couple of days of conference and networking. I felt that we learned things, had some inspiration, and made some nice connections. #1 daughter was not so sure. Her reaction to the financial operations session was to question whether it was actually worth it to own a company. I get that. The very […]


Monday, November 18th, 2013

I had a meeting yesterday, a conference today and tomorrow plus a physical meeting and a phone meeting, breakfast on Wednesday and choir that evening, and a staff meeting on Friday. I’m also expecting to have another meeting at some point this week, because I doubled up on meetings. Clearly, this is a lot of […]

Adiri Sleeve

Saturday, November 16th, 2013

Today included some reviewing,  a trip to the bookstore, shopping for baking supplies, and then some intensive Christmas present knitting. I’m worried about finishing in time. This is a note to myself that I really need to build knitting time into my schedule more aggressively. I bought magazines at the bookstore, but no books. I […]


Friday, November 15th, 2013

I watch the Colbert Report and the Daily Show every day after work. Last month I was seeing a screen for just seconds between commercials: a brilliant pink screen with the word “Tired” on it. I assumed I was hallucinating from exhaustion. It stopped after a while and I didn’t think about it any more. […]

Finally Found Your Niche?

Wednesday, November 13th, 2013

I went today to get my eyes checked. The doctor said my eyes weren’t 16 any more, but that they looked very healthy. No macular degeneration, no change in my vision, no sign of glaucoma or cataracts. This was good news, and I skipped out of there with a $10 co-pay and nothing more. However, […]

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