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Practical Things in Paris

June 14th, 2017

Mostly I have followed the Twoflower theory of tourism while in Paris, but over the past two days I’ve been working in the hotel room and #2 daughter has been at a Community Summit. I have thus done some practical errands while the chambermaids clean the room.

First, I did laundry. We now have clean underwear, socks, jeans, and nightwear for the rest of the journey.

I read up on how to do laundry in Paris. The instructions I read explained that payment was done in a central location, like parking back home, using the numbers on the machines. They also said that laundry should be done at a laundromat near a patisserie. This is very easy, because there appears to be a law in Paris requiring at least three pastry shops on each block.

I therefore had a Tartelette aux Fraises to entertain me while waiting for the machines.

I also went to Le Comptoir, a needlework shop on Rue Cadet, by Metro. I’m currently reading a book narrated by a detective with Aspergers Spectrum characteristics. He narrates every move and thought with great specificity and literalness. I found myself thinking this way during my journey on the Metro.

While I have done lots of traveling on the Metro over the past week, and bought our Visite passes and everything, I have relied on #2 daughter’s superior spatial ability. My special ability when it comes to navigation is in getting lost.

So my solo travels were somewhat anxious. However, I was actually completely successful. I successfully spent nothing at Le Comptoir, too, which was probably a good thing, in light of the amount of room in my suitcase. This was a side effect of my having very few euros left and the shop’s not accepting credit cards. It wasn’t my intended definition of success, because I wanted some more French knitting books, but I am flexible. And should not be greedy.

Once I returned from these errands, I went down to the seafood restaurant downstairs and had an eminently civilized lunch before getting back to work.

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