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Thursday December 29, 2005

December 29th, 2005

Natalie did a more knitterly year-in-review, thus:

What is your favorite finished object of mine of 2005, and why?

And what is your own favorite finished object of 2005, and why?

Answer in the comments, then I will visit your blog and answer for you!

So here are most of my FOs for 2005. It has to just be “most of” because some of them never got a FO picture posted and have been given away.

the alien doll from Knitty, in scraps of wool








facecloth and tawashi in cotton




bathmat in Morrocco. It also had a facecloth and tawashi.








Brooklyn from Denim People




Headline News from SnB







Tychus from Knitty — I made two of these





Christmas present hat, made up (it’s a rectangle), in chunky wool




dull socks, in Woolease




swatch socks — same yarn, same traditional sock pattern







Fuzzy Feet — one of two pairs





ballet slippers from Felted Knits — I made three pairs of these




Hopkins, in Woolease





“Nothing but a T-shirt” in Sinfonia






the Sophie bag — I made two of these





a group of bawks — four of the eight I made





one of two completed prayer shawls, being worn by a toy reindeer



As for goals, Kali Mama has a few sensible, reasonable goals for the coming year, involving size 6 dresses and no-holds-barred artistic fervor and finishing all her knitting projects. Her list might inspire you. Crazy Aunt Purl has a very long list which may not inspire you, but ought to make your list seem manageable by comparison.

I am still working on coming up with a positive fitness goal (that is, something better than “avoid becoming decrepit before it’s absolutely necessary”). Other than that, I think I have my goals fairly well defined. Not that I intend to list them, because you know I am pretty secretive. For a blogger.

4 Responses to “Thursday December 29, 2005”

  1. Natalieknits says:

    I think Brooklyn is my favorite of your FOs…especially because I know it’s being well-used by it’s recipient!

    I think the Go With The Flow socks are my favorite project of my own.  Not just because they won a first place ribbon (but that helps!), but because they turned out so nice, and fit so well!

  2. Leonidas says:

    What a neat review. Amazing how much creativity you have…

  3. feebeeglee says:

    My favorite of yours was Hopkins. I felt like I got to know it.

    My favorite of mine was the London Beanie I made for my nephew because he literally only takes it off to wash his hair.

  4. Savyl1129 says:

    Mom has a couple of specific questions about the glass… Of course I don’t know where I put them. But as soon as I find it I will ask you them.

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