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Tuesday December 27, 2005

December 27th, 2005

My Christmas presents included this book and, as #2 son put it, “one of those little books they write things down in at the gym.”

When I started at the gym, my fitness goal was not to have to take statins. Then I worked up to the goal of working out for 30 minutes most days and doing strength training 2-3 times a week, which is the universal fitness goal recommended by the Surgeon General or somebody. When this got easy, I kicked it up to “not  becoming decrepit any earlier than I have to.”

This year, I am trying to come up with a more positive fitness goal. It is still Christmastime, and the rest of my family is still lolling around and partying, but I am going back to work today, so it seems like a good day for me to get back to the gym, and return to eating properly, and come up with my 2006 goals, and stuff like that.

Here is the knitting I have accomplished over the holiday. Notice that there is very little of it. There has been some frogging, admittedly, but mostly there just has been more reading, talking, playing games, eating, and lolling about than actual knitting. It’s a holiday.

3 Responses to “Tuesday December 27, 2005”

  1. mayflwr says:

    it is a labyrinth! 😀

    i need to work out..but i’m sooo busy during the semester 🙁

  2. sighkey says:

    Not that much of a holiday – only a handful of days! I think I prefer our Southern Hemisphere Christmas after all – we don’t go back to work until Jan 4 at the earliest (the university closes down until then so that those who work there have no excuse not to spend time with their families) and I don’t go back until Jan 9. The kids don’t go back to school until beginning of February and the 2006 semester 1 doesn’t start until the end of February. And we are getting lovely sunny, warm weather at the moment (unusual for a Dunedin Christmas) with the odd thunderstorm now and then.

  3. Kali_Mama says:

    That there is some good-lookin’ fairisle!

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