This is 10 skeins of KnitPicks Wool of the Andes, knitted up into Amy Herzog’s Ketch. I’m about to start the buttonhole row.

This morning, my Wii would not read my Wii Fit disc. I start every day by getting my weight and balance from Wii, and then doing 30 minutes — 3,000+ steps — on the Wii. Not today.

So instead I went to a nearby walking trail instead. I think I am calmer and happier today because of it, though I’m generally happy and calm enough.

A deer crossed my path. I stopped and so did the deer. We stared at one another for quite a long time. The deer bounded off and I continued on my merry way. The mimosa was blooming and the scent was heavy on the air.

I got a lot of interesting work done, saw my husband off to work, made homemade pizza with peppers and tomatoes, and settled down with the animals to get going with the 11th skein.