I still haven’t managed 10,000 steps. Most of this week’s yellow days were achieved by doing Wii Fit twice — definitely the easiest way to do it. Yesterday, shown above, I got well over 5,000 steps but didn’t manage to count as “very active” for even 30 of those minutes, even though I did Wii Fit for 30 minutes. The rest of the steps were from cleaning house, which gets a good number of steps in but isn’t very active.

However, this was an intentionally lazy day and I still made it to yellow, so this seems like a good thing overall. I am still just over half of the goal for the week.

Googling tells me that 10,000 steps a day does seem to have health benefits, though it doesn’t correlate with weight loss, and that it is an arbitrary number chosen in Japan because of the nice roundness of it.

It also tells me that people with desk jobs have a hard time getting to 10,000 steps a day. However, last week I had mostly orange days and this week I have mostly yellow days, so I may be making progress.

I could try to fit in 3 Wii Fit sessions. I could take an hour’s walk in the early mornings (it’s too hot to walk that much in the evening).


I did get my work hours below 60 this week — by taking off the holiday. I think that getting 10,000 steps will have to go with working less.

As for Balance, I tracked 16 meals this week, out of the total 21. Said meals definitely included holiday foods, and I could increase the fruit and veg.


I should have more meals like the ones below and fewer involving pizza and ice cream.

I think I’m making progress…