I feel a little sulky. I am in pain. Eating really hurts and talking hurts a fair bit. I have a great desire to eat potato chips. Fortunately, we don’t have any potato chips in the house.

What I am actually eating is oatmeal, soup, and scrambled eggs. Also ice cream.

No exercise. Lots of resting. I don’t know whether this is what I should be doing, frankly, but I can’t think of anything else.

Fortunately, #2 son stopped for dinner and a sleepover last night. #1 son and DIL came, too, and I made lasagna and chocolate cake. Obviously, that hurt a lot. I went to visit #1 daughter and the babies today. That cheered men up quite a bit.

Back to soft foods today. I’m hungry, but it doesn’t really seem worth eating when it’s just scrambled eggs and oatmeal. Ice cream, sure, but that can’t really be a staple, can it?

Back to work tomorrow. And another visit to the dentist. The final visit will be on the 21st. Surely that will be the end of the pain.