I’m in the middle of knitting  a Klompelompe romper. However, it is 11 weeks till Christmas. I will have to complete an average of one present a week to be ready in time.

I have 13 recipients:

  • 4 children, ages 3 mos to 10 years
  • 5 men, 1 boy
  • 4 women, 3 girls
  • 4 offspring, their 4 partners, plus my husband

I feel like everyone should get a book and everyone should get something handmade — sweater vests for my sons, maybe hats for all the ladies. The Baby will get clothes, maybe a stuffed toy. The bigger of the littles is getting a Brio train. The Big Girl has a December birthday for which I’ll give her baking gear, so I’m not sure what to give her or her brother for Christmas. My DIL also has a December birthday, and I might give her a Christmas table runner.

I found a box of needlework projects of my mother’s, intended for sale at an art show, so they are all in pristine condition. I will divide those up among the group, but there are 8 rather than 13 items. Maybe one for each of the females, including me. I have bought gifts for 5 of the recipients, in accordance with the HGP system, so I must continue buying a gift a week as well.

Will I fit in the Klompelompe romper? I think so — it can be the least little one’s handmade gift.