I got a pair of size 26 Levi’s. I’m wearing them right now. When I was in college, when Levi’s were all in men’s sizes, I wore 28×28 Levi’s, but I read online that you should just order your waist size. I had a 23″ waist back then and we didn’t expect jeans to fit our waists. I have a 26″ waist nowadays, so I ordered a 26.

I’m wearing them now, and I feel like they are a little too snug. Maybe not really, but I thought they might be. So I ordered a pair in size 29. They arrived today.

They sent me a size 26. Maybe this was good customer service. They thought I should have the same size they sent me a couple of weeks ago, since I didn’t return those. I don’t know.

I’ve gained 7 pounds since my skinniest 105 pounds. The doctors wanted me to gain more than this, but the charts say I have a healthy BMI. I also have all these size 4 clothes, so I don’t know that I want to gain any more.

Maybe I will stay where I am and learn to tolerate snug pants.

I started skein #3 of the Aran wool and finished #4 of the 7 repeats for the front.