I’m still working on my creative supplies; that could take weeks.

However, I also got a couple of easy stars. The living room furniture has been in a state of uncertainty since we got rid of some excess furniture. I got a nice conversation area together with a sofa, a love seat, and an armchair.

My husband still likes to sit by the window, so there’s a rocker there. Yesterday I brought the little desk in from the hall to the living room and put it next to the rocking chair.

There’s still some clutter on the floor and on top of the piano. Well, I guess there’s still a lot of clutter, but I don’t think it counts as ¬†furniture.

I like the charging station. There’s another just like it on the other side of the room.

Next up is the bathroom. It’s actually in good condition still, but there’s a bit of crowding. Maybe I can improve that. I think I can probably get it done over the next week.

This weekend, while I still plan to work on the creative supplies, I want to finish the Kaisa sweater. I have ordered some quilting stuff and am excited to get started on Nico’s birthday quilt.

This is the pattern:

I also ordered this pattern:

And a jelly roll of the fabrics, which probably wouldn’t be enough to complete it, but maybe with a solid white background…

I really fell in love with the fabric collection. I like this pattern, too, but at least I haven’t ordered it. Roll eyes.

I don’t know why, I always love fall quilt patterns. I’ve made several, but I always want to make more.

I have a lot of quilting to do, actually. I haven’t quilted in quite a while, but I am definitely getting in the mood.

So the Kaisa sweater is this weekend’s priority. I just have a sleeve and the neckband to do.