I refused the ESA treatment. People were very nice at the cancer center. They took 5 vials of blood and assured me that lots of medicines have death as a side effect. But they didn’t have a good reason to go ahead with the treatment now. I’ll go back in a few months and see if I’ve reached the point where blood transfusions are likely. That seems like the time to take the risk of ESA treatments.

Since that appointment I have been dizzier again. I’ve also had my blood sugar out of range several times.

My little granddaughter has been over playing excitedly with the chemistry set I got for her. We made some soap, too. “I love beakers!” she said, so I got out the pipettes as well.

#2 son stopped in last night. He went on the river with #1 son today. We always have great conversations when he visits.

I have a bunch of meetings tomorrow and more during the week, so I spent today knitting and relaxing. I watch “To Catch a Thief” with pleasure. I got a fresh market order from Instacart, too, and enjoyed my meals. Did laundry and dishes, tidied up a little bit, planted some kale and more flowers, won Redactly with 60 guesses. I’m trying to get a good start on the week.