There’s the after picture for under the bathroom sink.

Here’s the before.

Including the hair dryer holder. My husband wants to keep his new hairdryer in its box, so I resisted the enormous urge to put it properly into the hair dryer holder and left it in the box. I need some points for that.

There’s not much difference between the before and after pictures, I confess. Neither one is beautiful — but neither are they untidy. I did consolidate the back stock of makeup into one container. That’s about the only change.

I still get my gold star, right?

Bigger news on the tidying front, however, is the completion of the crafts cupboard.

From top shelf to bottom: soap and candles, paper crafts…

Planners and jewelry (more items need to be brought from other parts of the house and put away here)…

household paints, photos, big items…

I guess that last group isn’t really much of a grouping, but I think the cupboard is now respectable.

On to the Aran sweater, alternating with Nico’s quilt, tidying the living room and kitchen during commercials as I Knitflix binge Revenge.