These areas were already tidy. I tweaked them slightly and gave myself gold stars even though I didn’t deserve stars except for keeping them nice for a year or two.

The linen closet is the next assignment, and I started on it. I rolled the towels and put them neatly into the bin. They had been stacked up and overflowing, so that was a big improvement. Just for that one shelf, though. I think I will have to do the same for each shelf. It’s hard to keep those things properly organized.

After that comes the office, which is a hideous mess.

The older of the Littles scampered into that room the other day and found Christmas presents. She ran back out with her arms full of them. I was able to put some back, but I couldn’t take them all away. She and her sister got their Glitter Girl horses and riders and breakfast set. They loved them — they said so. #1 daughter tells me they slept with them last night.

That worked out well.

But I know that the office gold stars will require serious effort and struggle. Especially if I am trying to do them during the DYW and HGP processes.