#1D Wardrobe Project

#1 daughter’s youngest baby just turned one, she’s back in an office, and she really needs a new wardrobe. Since the Fall 2020 DYW is coming up, I’m sort of pushing her into creating a capsule.

#1 daughter has received a couple of gorgeous new bags in her influencer role, so they set the palette with burgundy and mink — mink being taupe, basically, a grayed brown.

Her current wardrobe is mostly black and white, so adding burgundy is a daring step. I have also added blue for her. And then a cinnamon shade that brings out her skin tone.

So here we have a navy turtleneck, with a pale blue/gray trouser.

The turtleneck is constructed more like a funnel neck.

With black pieces, you can see the color of the blue better.

Rayon pants in the cinnamon, with lots of wrinkles from transport.

All these items look great together. I’m excited about the process. She has the first three items and they have already expanded her options significantly.