A new report in the Lancet says that 1 in 5 deaths globally are caused by bad food choices — or malnourishment, even if not by choice.

They chose 15 factors:

  1. Diet low in fruits
  2. Diet low in vegetables
  3. Diet low in legumes
  4. Diet low in whole grains
  5. Diet low in nuts and seeds
  6. Diet low in milk
  7. Diet high in red meat
  8. Diet high in processed meat
  9. Diet high in sugar-sweetened beverages
  10. Diet low in fibre
  11. Diet low in calcium
  12. Diet low in seafood omega-3 fatty acids
  13. Diet low in polyunsaturated fatty acids
  14. Diet high in trans fatty acids
  15. Diet high in sodium

I avoid dairy, actually, as part of the Evil 6. I must have a certain amount of cheese and I sometimes give in to ice cream or yogurt, but I’m pretty low in milk. Otherwise I think I’m probably doing okay.