Month: September 2009


One Year Later


Here’s what I did yesterday: did a few blog posts for various clients went for a walk/ strategy phone meeting had two client phone meetings, including an initial interview for a new web site arranged domain registration, hosting, and logo […]



Here are the gargantuan, floppy, not-yet-felted slippers. I got these finished up yesterday, and made cookies to donate to the AAUW’s Gridiron Show, and  put two casseroles in the freezer, and took the smaller dog for a walk. Much of […]


A Domestic Day

Yesterday was a lovely day. I wrote a website and fielded some correspondence, but otherwise had a domestic day. I bought a size 13 circular needle, since really big dpns were not to be had at the big box craft […]


Digital Studio


This not terribly enthralling video is what I made with my new toy, Corel Digital Studio 2010.  I notice that xanga cut off the last couple of seconds, so that I say “That’s all there is” rather than “That’s all […]




The cat, Nadia, was very relaxed yesterday. I wasn’t quite that relaxed, but very nearly. I cleaned the living room (though I didn’t succeed in getting my menfolks to help me move the office furniture out of there), made a […]