Month: November 2011


African Noel

Today’s song is “African Noel” or “Sing Noel,” because I did Christmas in South Africa Lesson Plans over at FreshPlans, and this song is popular in South Africa. The tune appears to be from “Banuwa Yo,” a Liberian song. We […]


Christmas Wrapping

 Laudamus Te from the Poulenc Gloria can’t really be the song of the day, because it isn’t the kind of thing you can sing in the car, even with a group of friends. It requires an orchestra. It’s what was in […]


10,000 Steps

Yesterday’s mail contained a Mio Pacer PC + Pedometer for me to review. When 52 Small Changes: One Year to a Happier, Healthier You said to get off the couch and get more active, it specified 10,000 steps a day […]


Tiny Desserts


We closed up shop around noon and started baking. The results were not unmixed. For example, my attempt to make turkeys from candy, as I have seen done all over the net, was a dismal failure. This may be the […]




I have an eye infection. I’m taking antibiotics now, so it has improved a little since I took this picture of my grotesquely swollen eye.  It hurts as much as it looks as though it would, but I won’t regale […]