Month: January 2012


The Office

My office is a work in progress, but I think it’s becoming more pleasant. Things got out of hand while #2 son was living in this room over his semester break, frankly, but I spent several hours yesterday cleaning out […]




The Nantucket Jacket continues. Nothing much happening with it,  but I am at least knitting regularly. I also made decoupaged clipboards for my office walls, having seen the idea on Pinterest. The idea is to create snazzy clipboards and hang […]


Golf Pants

  I fed my family properly once at least before #2 son left for college: homemade lasagne, homemade bread, and steamed mangetout peas. I also hemmed up a bunch of horrible 1970s golf pants the boys took a fancy to. […]



I’ve reached the point — and I’ve been here before — where sleep deprivation has become the main thing about my life. I know there are people all over the world who get up in the wee hours of the […]



Yesterday I got up at 4:00, as I’ve been doing all week, and drove my husband to work. I came home and worked for a few hours: catching up at my educational site, getting my online classes set up, completing […]


Goals for 2012

I was talking yesterday with a client who was one of my first clients, and still occassionally hires me to do something or other. She’s 60 now, and was telling me about her various plans for the year. They include […]