I spent much of the weekend thinking about plans for the rest of the year. I talked with #1 daughter about the future of the business, reviewed my New Years goals, set up a new planner (and a six-month fitness planner, too), and did a lot of ruminating.

At length, I decided that I am in the middle of a bunch of things. We’re polishing our business systems and updating our certifications. I have speaking engagements to prepare for. I’m making a layette for the grandbaby we’re expecting in September, and when I finish that I’ll have a SWAP to complete and Christmas presents to make. I have quilts waiting to be quilted and sweaters on my needles. I’ve lost almost 15 more pounds this year and want to continue that particular journey. I haven’t gotten my January clearing list finished. I have several studies begun but not completed. The garden needs care. I will end my stint as church ruling elder in January. I have a lot of reviews to write.

We’ll also have #2 son close by for a while, and that new grandchild.

In short, I’m just in the middle of things. I don’t need to start anything new or even recommit to anything, but just to keep going.