Year: 2017

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I've completed the back of Ketch, one of Amy Hertzog's Custom Fit designs. It badly needs blocking, and is currently nearly an inch smaller than the schematic says it should be. The blocking could help with that, or I could […]


Holiday Breakfasts

Breakfast on Christmas Eve was bacon and eggs with muffins, fruit, and doughnuts brought by #2 daughter and her friend. Christmas morning we had breakfast casserole with tomatoes and cheese, sausage, fruit, and more muffins. Boxing Day was ham and […]


Christmas Eve 2017

We began with a festive breakfast. Well, really, we began with serious baking. Then breakfast. Then decorating cookies and a gingernbread house. Then turkey soup. More playing. More baking. I went to church and enjoyed singing carols and the general […]



I had an odd dream last night. In the dream, I had an app (in my brain, apparently) which caused my mind, when I thought of something unpleasant, to switch immediately to something more pleasant. If I thought about Trump, […]