Month: November 2018


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Part of my recent sleep issue is my husband’s bad cough. It keeps me awake. Since we’ve been dog sitting, my solution of leaving the noisy marital bed for the guest room has been hampered by the guest room’s bed […]



For Small Business Saturday we visited a local grist mill and bought plenty of whole grains. We went upstairs for beans and cornbread and shared a dish of peach cobbler with premise-made ice cream. Then we strolled up and down […]


Thanksgiving 2018

We had Thanksgiving dinner at #1 daughter’s house. There were three types of cranberry sauce, three types of pie, and multiple vegetables dishes: butternut squash and brussels sprouts with balsamic-maple glaze, sweet potatoes duchesse, orange-glazed carrots, Holiday Slaw, quinoa-stuffed mushrooms, […]