Month: December 2018


No Decisions


Along with No Excuses exercise, I practice No Decisions eating. Research suggests that the whole process of thinking about what we feel like eating is likely to cause overindulgence. Instead, we’re better off making a thoughtful choice about what to […]


No Excuses

I depend on No Excuses exercise and No Decisions eating. No Excuses exercise means that I do my basic daily exercise — for me, it’s 30 minutes of stepping with Wii Fit — every day, no excuses. Actually, I have […]


A Day Off

I’m devoting a day to my year-end reflection, but also relaxing and enjoying some late Christmas gift knitting. I might finish this hottle today. If so, I could perhaps finish one more by the time #2 daughter arrives (or leaves), […]


Boxing Day 2018

We made doughnuts from scratch. I didn’t think we’d be able to, but it actually was fairly easy. I mixed up the dough — basically an enriched bread — in the bread machine, we cut it with a doughnut cutter, […]


Finished Gift

Under the HGP, December 10th is the deadline for handmade gifts. That’s so that we don’t spend December 23rd finishing gifts frantically. It wasn’t frantic, though. I skipped church to mind the Baby. I got the gifts all wrapped.   […]


Weary Christmas

Scott Adams said that personal energy is the best metric for measuring success day to day. If so, I’m not doing very well. I’m sleepy. It’s hard to get up in the morning. It’s easy to take a nap in […]