At this time of year, I like to look back on the previous year and forward to the next. I get serious about this between Christmas and New Year, but I think about it in the back of my mind before Christmas. I let it percolate.

So I looked back at my blog for 2019.

I got a new granddaughter.

I had a vacation.


I made cool toys.

I made lots of nice clothes for myself, too. This included a fun Seamwork wardrobe planning process.

I spent fun time with my grandchildren.

Including fun holidays.

I took some fun day trips.

Some with friends — that’s La Bella there.

I had some new experiences, including taking part in a play. I also taught an OLLI course, took up Instagram, sang in the Master Chorale after a couple of years off, and had oral surgery and a partial plate. Okay,  that last one wasn’t great, but it was a new experience.

It was a great year, with lots of fun and creativity, I prospered — that was my Word of the Year — in many ways, and enjoyed it.

It was also an essentially selfish year. Or at least self-centered. I worked hard, but not as much as usual — an average of just 23.5 hours a week, not the 28 a week I did the previous year.

Maybe I should be less selfish in 2020. Maybe I should be a more faithful Christian, work harder at my business, and be more disciplined about my health and housekeeping.

Here are some thoughts about what I could accomplish in 2020:

HEALTH: Solve my pain problem and step up my eat/ move/ sleep.

FAMILY: Support my family toward their goals.

SPIRITUAL: Serve well as a Ruling Elder, tithe, take up the Examen.

HOME: Commit to my housekeeping routine, pare down belongings, and make my home a pleasure to live in.

FINANCES: Reduce debt further.

BUSINESS/CAREER: Increase revenue by 30%.

FUN: Have fun… but don’t base all my decisions on it.

ADVENTURE: Have at least one adventure.

SKILLS: Learn new things and work on my singing so as not to lose my voice entirely.


Good first draft. I’ll see what I end up with after percolation.