I’ve been seeing “Did you try turning it off and turning it on again?” memes for the year 2020 at Facebook, where I have been spending an unreasonable amount of time. We don’t have that option. However, I am going to do a reboot. I’m using a workbook to help me with that. It’s the Sonder planner for June 2020, focusing on choices.

It has a habit tracker, a particularly attractive one, which will help me get back on track with my healthy habits. Fortunately, I know exactly what I need to do, and I know that I can do this, because I have done it before.

The pandemic has caused me to be self-indulgent, and self indulgence is not the same as self-care.

There are all kinds of thoughtful pages, too. Some are challenging me to think about bad choices I’ve made in my life and how I can learn from them, and there is a two-page spread boundaries that so far is leaving me speechless. I haven’t ever thought about this topic, I guess.

There are weekly and daily planner pages as well. I may not use them; I still expect to use my regular planner, and there is certainly overlap.

Using multiple planners may just negate the value of having everything together in one place for organization. But workbooks are beneficial for me.

Being less mindful of my health for a little while is not problematic. I’ve done it repeatedly throughout my years of transformation, and I can always setback on track. But now, with COVID-19 and the beginnings of chronic pain as I get old, I an’t mess around too much. I need to get back to healthy habits.

I think it would also be good for me to have better housekeeping habits. I’m going to add frequent movement, not just regular exercise, and I will do so in the form of Pomodoro breaks which I will spend in tidying up my office and sewing room, as well as the less horrifyingly messy parts of my house. Clearing things up will,I think, help with stress.

I’ll also go Cold Sheep on yarn and fabric shopping.

In a few minutes I will go to Zoom Sunday School, and then we have virtual church with — for Pentecost — virtual communion. Then I will, perhaps, go ahead and start my good habits, or I may be self-indulgent for one more day before making a clean start on June 1.

Either way, I plan to be contemplative as I loll around with my knitting today. A chance to think about choices and boundaries may start off my reboot usefully.