Year: 2020



It’s New Year’s Eve. I worked today, and cleaned the house a little bit, changed the garden flag, and undecorated the Christmas tree. But I started the day at the eye doctor’s. There was some confusion over my insurance, but […]


Tweaking the Morning

The office is closed this week and under normal circumstances I would be taking the week off. As it stands, I’m working, but not flat out. Next week I’ll be back to work officially, and will be getting up at […]


AM Routine

I’m starting with my AM routine: Wake at 6:00 a.m. I’ve been sleeping later than this, so getting up on time today meant 6.5 hours of poor quality sleep, according to my Fitbit. But I did it. Set intention and express […]


Christmas 2020

We had #1 daughter and #1 son here with their spouses and the little girls for Christmas Eve. #1 son and DIL came over for breakfast on Christmas morning, and then #1 daughter and #1 son plus DIL and all […]

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Christmas Waltz

I’m sharing “The Christmas Waltz” today as we get ready for the last Sunday of Advent and the beginning of the Christmas festivities. Today I’m volunteering at the church, handing out communion element and accepting food donations. I also hope […]