Month: March 2021

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Projects Progress

The Health and Beauty Project went well, and was followed by the Work Project, which was supposed to overlap with the DYW Wardrobe Project. I haven’t made much project on that. I planned the garments and the looks, actually, but […]


Dream Pastry

I dreamt last night about pastry. A layer of ginger cake, a layer of apple jelly containing bits of apple, another layer of ginger cake, a layer of apple compote, another layer of ginger cake, and a layer of pastry […]


Family Fun Weekend

#2 son came up from the River Valley this weekend. The other sibs came in and we played games, baked, ate, conversed, played with the kids. It was fun. #2 son told me before he left how much he values […]


Next Project?

#1 son brought his family over last night, along with fried chicken and fruit. We had dinner, played games, enjoyed conversations, and caught up on everyone’s adventures. My DIL had been involved with a tractor fire, so I think she […]