Month: April 2021


April Report: Eat, Move, Sleep

I had my first COVID-19 vaccine on April 7th and the second on April 29th. I actually had a bit of trouble. First, as you can see from the screenshot below, I did a great job on sleeping. I slept […]


Doctor Visit

It is many years since I visited a doctor. Two weeks after my vaccination, though, I am still exhausted and coughing. So, browbeaten by #2 daughter, I went to the doctor. There is nothing wrong with me. They don’t weigh […]


Surviving April

I got my first vaccination two weeks ago tomorrow. Since then, I have been coughing helplessly and feeling too tired to prepare food for myself. I’m working full time, supine on my couch, but no routines, no housekeeping, no knitting. […]


Vaccination Side Effects

A week ago I had my first Pfizer vaccination. I wrote that I had no side effects, but that I was exhausted and weak. Yeah, that was the side effects. I was scarcely able to stand up over the weekend and […]


Anxiety and Vaccination

I’m not talking about anxiety over vaccinations. I know about that. My husband already had his first shot, and he is still afraid that it will somehow poison him. He had it done at work, with lots of pressure. Otherwise, he wouldn’t […]

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Easter 2021

I was mentally prepared to do without a celebration this year. In fact, it was a very nice celebration. We had an egg hunt. My husband made sure the little girls found every egg. They had fun with the hunt. […]

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April Projects?

Hot cross buns for Good Friday. I’ve been working on a series of projects through the pandemic. Last year at this time I was working on my warm weather wardrobe. Then I did some intensive knitting, and got started on […]


Alice, Left Front

Spring snuck up on me, though we’re expecting a frost tonight. I’ve finished the yoke for Alice and am on the left front. Tomorrow is Good Friday. I plan to make Hot Cross Buns. I have work to do, but […]