Month: May 2021


Memorial Day, 2021

We finally have a rose blooming, and the first of the lilies as well. I took the dog for a walk this morning and managed close to 1,500 steps — rather than the 3,000 plus I used to do every […]


Shirttail T

My first Shirttail T is nearly complete. The is the HotPatterns Shirttail T in Spoonflower organic cotton jersey. I was thinking that it isn’t really necessary for me to sew new clothes this year because I havre plenty. Today, getting […]


Memorial Day Weekend 2021

This weekend, I will work on my Spring Collection. I have kits for twojakets,which I had intended to have for my big spring challenge projects. They may have to wait for fall. I know that I can make a couple […]

#blog #diabetes


When I went to the doctor for diabetes, she told that I should take some health tests. Oh, I had had a COVID-19 test, an X-Ray, lots of blood tests, an MRI, and I don’t know what all in the […]


Happy Mail

Over the years, there have been some physical objects that I have coveted but felt I couldn’t have. I remember seeing Baggalini bags in a Kansas City shopping center and hoping that one day I could own one. I now […]



My husband and #1 son got us a new dishwasher and installed it. I am relieved. It is the 21st century, and we should have a dishwasher. I also did some shopping. Do I need more yarn? No, I do […]