Month: July 2021


Hot Saturday

I was awake from 2:00 to 4:00 a.m., visiting the bathroom every few minutes and cleaning up after the occasion when I wasn’t quick enough, possibly because I went to sleep. That was not fun. I took a couple of […]



The bigger of the Littles has been having dramatic digestion problems. I cuddled her up for an hour or so while her mama went to the drugstore, and found out the next day that she has strep throat as well. […]


Bad health

I’ve been  vomiting daily, having diarrhea nightly, and feeling severely nauseated all the time. Food tastes terrible. I’m dizzy whenever I stand up, usually so dizzy that I have to sit down. 2021 is more than half over, but it’s […]


Diabetes Educator

I visited the diabetes educator today. My blood glucose numbers have been very good, and I get to try a smaller dose of the metformin, which is causing me a lot of misery with the gastric side effects. I have […]

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New weight

I’m down to 105 pounds. Diarrhea, nausea, and vomiting are my constant companions. This is the main reason people give up on Metformin. As the pharma info says, though, my doctor thinks it’s worth it. Decreased likelihood of death is […]


DYW Fall 2021?

August 16th is the official first day of Design Your Wardrobe Fall 2021. I have participated in this for years, doing the wardrobe planning if not sewing very many of the planned pieces. But last fall I had a great […]


Productive Weekend

Yesterday I cleaned the bedroom carpet, tidied the living room, cleared the kitchen table of the stuff that had been ranged across it since I sorted out the china cabinet, and then read and knitted for the rest of the […]


What is all this stuff?

As a diabetic, I live according to a routine: finger sticks, medication, meals at specific times, exercise… I’m doing better on my housekeeping schedule, too. But my grooming efforts fell by the wayside. So, first, it does make a difference. […]