Month: November 2021


Marshmallow World

Marshmallow World It’s a marshmallow world in the winter When the snow comes to cover the ground It’s time for play, it’s a whipped cream day I wait for it the whole year ’round Those are marshmallow clouds being friendly […]

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Thanksgiving 2021

#2 son and his GF arrived Wednesday morning, and #1 son and his wife came shortly thereafter. We had the Family Grilled Cheese Party. Lots of good food and good conversation. Thanksgiving Day we had homemade doughnuts, fruit, and yogurt […]


Pants size

I got a pair of size 26 Levi’s. I’m wearing them right now. When I was in college, when Levi’s were all in men’s sizes, I wore 28×28 Levi’s, but I read online that you should just order your waist […]


Me and Wii

I used to do 30 minutes — 3,000 steps — with Wii Fit every day while watching the news. Then I bought my husband a new TV for Christmas and the Wii didn’t work with the new TV. I couldn’t […]


Family Room Week 2021

It’s Family Room Week on the HGP. We don’t have a separate family room, but my living room is in grave need of cleaning and tidying, so that’s what this week will be for. I’ll also keep working on my […]