Month: January 2022


I Don’t Have TB

I’ve been getting results gradually in the patient portal of the lab. So far, they have all been negative.  I don’t have turberculosis, or this fungal infection that can be fatal, or Sjorgen’s Syndrome, or a bunch of other things. […]



So I was recovering from my kidney biopsy and extensive lab work. I was feeling better. The first result showed up in my chart, and it was negative — I don’t have meningitis. But then I got dizzy. Seriously so. […]


More tests

The nephrologist called with the biopsy results today. There’s scarring from the diabetes, with about 40% loss right there. That goes with my first bloodwork back in May. However, there’s also inflammation. So I had 33 blood tests today, plus […]

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The Biopsy

I thought the biopsy would be like drawing blood. It was actually more like surgery. I was given a hospital gown and tucked into bed with an IV and Valium. The operation itself was peculiar. It involved ultrasound, numbing shots, […]



I have a biopsy in the morning. I want to be brave and serene, but I’m not. It’s a normal medical procedure. They’ve explained it to me. I think the facility and the healthcare professionals involved are trustworthy. I am […]


Health Issues

I have to go for a biopsy tomorrow morning. I have to pick up my glasses today. I had a telehealth visit with the nephrologist on Tuesday and #1 son and his daughter have COVID-19. For the past few days […]


Yarn Ho!

I went cold sheep for 2022, in the sense that I am not buying yarn…except for that unavoidable purchase I already confessed to. However, Vine has been sending me yarn pretty regularly. Purple wool — one skein shown here but […]


Forestfox Cardigan

I’ve cast on for the Forestfox Cardigan. It requires 10 colors of Lettlopi. It’s a challenge, for sure. The design is by Anna Sofia Vintersol, from a book called Adventure Knitting in some non-English language. I had qualms about the […]


Fleming Is Finished!

Fleming, a pattern from Clan Arans knitted with wool from the Aran Sweater Market, size 38 on #5 needles, is complete. It’s gorgeous. I have enough of the wool left to make a hat or something, but I have done […]


Organizing the Pantry

This week’s task in the household planner is organizing the pantry. Mine had gotten very chaotic during the holidays. I pulled everything out — except the still-neat shelves — and put it all back in an orderly fashion. The long […]