Month: May 2022


Habit Stack

#2 son was here for about a week. It was wonderful. he pointed out what good conversations we have, and that is true. He left a couple of rabbits with us and headed off for Nepal. I have developed a […]


Keeping Up

Spring is here, and summer is just around the corner. We have vegetables coming up and good weather for sitting out on the porch or patio. I’m off insulin, with good blood glucose numbers, good blood pressure numbers, and continued […]


No Insulin

I talked with the diabetes educator yesterday. “I think I have this under control,” I bragged. My A1C has been below 7 every time it’s been tested since last September. It was 6.1 at the follow up this week and […]


Diabetes Anniversary

One year ago today I was diagnosed with diabetes. I have my blood sugar under control. Unfortunately, I also have a bunch of probably unrelated weird health issues going on. Vertigo, fatigue, I can’t taste sweetness, I have some visual […]