I did my last gold star in August of 2021. Never mind. I’m back to the gold stars with the Home Edit Workbook, and my desk is looking pretty good. At least, it is clean enough to work at without stressfuyl clutter and chaos.

I set up the 3D printer by the 2D printer, edited out some books and files and toys, and organized some bins and drawers.

I moved the furniture and cleaned around and under it. The closet is still shameful, but I will keep it closed until I’m ready to deal with it. I still want to change out the wallpaper border in this room, but I will enjoy working in this space much more than I did.

I’m still off of insulin, by the way, and my blood glucose has been in range 100% during the trial period without drugs. I am no less dizzy, however.

After organizing my office, I returned to knitting. I have meetings and church stuff tomorrow, so I must get in a good amount of rest today.