#1 daughter and I started the day with a meeting at the local bakery. It was ridiculously festive,decorated with every big, bright, shiny holiday thing you can imagine, with long lines of people cheerfully waiting for their goodies. I think the video here embodies the feeling: over the top, vulgar, but also happy and fun.

This song was apparently written by a consortium of people: Piero Umiliani, Thomas DeCarlo Callaway, Peer Astrom, Adam Anders.

Umiliani wrote the immortal “Mah Na Mah Na, reprised in this song, which my kids always loved to sing. Callaway is the birth name of rapper Cee-Lo Green, a flamboyant guy who is a coach/judge or something on one of those music contest shows. My husband loves those shows. I have no explanation of this, but he is honestly moved by the stories of the contestants and gets very excited about the winners. Astrom is a Swedish pop music composer. Anders, also Swedish, is a music producer. I havre never previously heard of any of these people, but I think that their ridiculous Christmas song is a perfect choice for today.

I went home afterward and she went to The Big City. Later, I went up to the Next County for another meeting, then home again for more writing.

I finished the day with the announcement of 2013’s color of the year: Monaco Blue. Having broken the news in my painting company’s blog, I quit working and started knitting. Janalisa came over after a bit, and then my husband came home and we had some baked pasta and a bit of wine left from Thanksgiving.

All you need is love.