clothes I slept this morning till nearly 7:00. Obviously, I can’t keep doing this, but it does add to the Spring Break feeling.

A combination of gardening and some free weight work last night has left me with sore muscles, so I’ll be starting the day with stretching and then moving on to Free Step, breakfast, and getting ready for church. I have a meeting this afternoon, also church, and this evening I’ll need to get all the blog posts edited and scheduled for tomorrow morning.

I think I can fit in some more reading along the way.

I’m also going to pay a little attention to my wardrobe. It’s March, the month when I am supposed to do this, according to my personal annual schedule, but it’s also necessary. I’ve lost another pound and, while I don’t think that I look different, my pants are beginning to fall off. Literally. I’m walking around hitching them up all the time.

So I had a look, when I was picking up some potting soil at Target yesterday, at their blue jeans. I figured I would just pick up a pair of cheap jeans. Jeans were $30 on the clearance rack. I’m not saying that $30 is too much for jeans, but a) I’m still paying tuition, and b) I might have to do this again in a few more months, and c)I’m not that excited by the gear on Target’s clearance rack. weekender I was imagining someting cheaper.

So I went instead to the Coldwater Creek outlet online, where I found items that I already own in different colors at prices that were much lower than the clearance rack at Target. A pair of jeans, a pair of work pants, a tank, a blouse, and three sweaters for less than $200 counting tax and shipping.

The sweaters might seem as though they’ll be too warm by the time they arrive and too small by next fall, but I’m not sure. We’re expecting snow on Friday. Not good news when I’ve just planted dozens of tropical bulbs, but that’s what spring is like.

I’m also in the midst of making the Hotpatterns Weekender top in a lovely deep violet. This is the next piece in my SWAP. I figure if I make the tops first, I will have a good bit of leeway on size.