office3 It was touch and go — would I make any significant progress on Paper Week before it ended or not? However, at 10:18 last night, I hauled a full grocery bag of papers out of my office, and the insides of the file drawers (and file box) are much tidier than they were.

Have I completely dealt with all the papers? No. Serious progress, though.

I also scrubbed the kitchen and the bathrooms, finished the sales training PPT for our staff, ran a couple of loads of laundry, met with #1 daughter, and did the grocery shopping — and still had time for a nap with my husband and a few chapters of a novel I’m really enjoying.

I still have a few hours of work to do today, but I think I’ll be starting this week with a little less chaos.

That wastebasket really doesn’t fit in this room, does it? It belonged to the boys when they had a basketball themed room of bright orange and blue. It was the last themed room — after having lived in a jungle room, a space travel room, and a basketball room, they reached an age at which they could ask not to have a theme. I inherited the orange wastebasket.

On the HHP it’s Calendar and Create week. The household clean up task is our creative spaces. That’s a big job for me, so I hope to get started with it today. We’ll add handmade gifts to the Master Gift List and start a Master Shopping List for the season.

I did take some time to look through a big stack of holiday idea books. I know I have lots of supplies, so I think I will align what I’ve got with ideas as I clean and organize craft spaces this week.

This may help me resist the temptation of French General.  jewelry-D-lg

This company has jewelry kits which I love. I bought their jewelry book some years ago and have made a bunch of projects from the book, but they have kits and collections of beads and notions, as well as fabrics.

We’ve never been super materialistic about Christmas, though I love making and giving gifts, and we’ve been moving away from focusing on presents in our celebrations. I’ve made jewelry for my daughters before and I’m not sure they wear what I make them — or even the jewelry I buy them. I have a sister, but we give one another a single family gift. If I bought the kit, I would probably keep one for myself, to be quite honest.

I should just stay away from that website. Or at least make an honest inventory of my jewelry-making stash and see whether I have enough on hand to make a few pieces without such a frivolous investment.

I must put crafting time on my schedule, too. Also gym time. And the One Thing rule. Labor Day came and went and I really haven’t gotten things in hand for the upcoming season, but perhaps Calendar and Create week will be the tipping point. Maybe this will also be the week when I get back to Balance. Or perhaps I really should do the 21 day Ignite again, given how freely I’ve been consuming the Evil 6 and how rarely I’ve been tracking. Sigh. I get tired of my lack of perfection.