Yesterday’s Fitbit stats are dismal — I don’t think I had even seen the turquoise stuff that is even lower than orange. On the other hand, without the Very Active time, I can see that I do at least get up and move around a bit throughout the day. On the other days, it looked as though I sat down and slipped into a coma, emerging only to grab lunch.

Yesterday I met my dad for breakfast and then did some training with #1 son and then met The Art Professor and #1 son for a powwow on an upcoming website and then helped my husband change out a garbage disposal and had a long back and forth with my sister on Facebook. It wasn’t like I did nothing.

But I didn’t move much. Normally, I’d think — well, I didn’t get in a workout, oh well. With Fitbit, though, the turquoise day is glaringly obvious.