While it is true that I don’t care about football, I do like it when the 49ers go to the Super Bowl.

I remember the first time this happened (or the first time I noticed it). I had season tickets to the ballet, and had gone into the Opera House with a friend under perfectly normal circumstances at the beginning of the program. Romeo and Juliet, I think it was, and we had Opera Coffee during the interval. I believe I was wearing a pale apricot linen jacket.

We walked out after the ballet to find that the entire city had gone mad. People were rampaging in the streets, shouting and drinking beer.

We looked around in wild surmise for a while, and then asked a passerby what was up. At this point, we discovered that the 49ers had won the Super Bowl.

True, if I had been at home that evening, I would never have know, but as it was, it was quite impressive.

When the kids were little, we used to have Super Bowl parties with fancy food. We would watch the halftime show, the kids and I. As the kids got older, some of them became interested in football, and now there is often much shouting and carrying on during the Super Bowl.

I found, early in my IT career, that Super Bowl weekend is the time when no clients would jump up and down shouting for things to be done in a hurry, so I usually take that day off and ignore the whole thing. If the 49ers are playing, though, I try to pay some attention.

Here is a nice, wholesome Super Bowl party recipe:

You can also make cake with green frosting, football yardage marking, and M&Ms representing football players, or the football cake shown below:

That video got 22 “dislike” votes, out of 26,923 views. I have trouble believing that anyone could feel strongly enough about this to dislike it, but then I have trouble believing that 26,923 people have watched it. Crazy.