All my kids called me yesterday to wish me a happy birthday, and my husband even remembered. #1 daughter took me to lunch and gave me a gift. That was all pretty gratifying.

I went to the Art Professor’s class to discuss our current pro bono project and gave advice to the students on their designs. I like his studio and how much it belongs to him and his students. I hope my classroom feels the same way, though I think perhaps it doesn’t. I feel like a bird stopping off on a fence in there, so that’s probably how it feels to students as well.

Squelching back through the mud to the parking garage in my little Rocket Dog Thai silk slippers, I discovered that the shoes were by no means waterproof, and then the payment kiosk ate my credit card and I had to get help from the office.

Then I had to find my car in the parking garage and then I had to find the exit. I felt pretty pitiful by the time I got back on the road. But I enjoyed seeing how pretty the town where I live is in the rain. Then a Picasso sandwich for lunch and a fluffy super sweet cupcake for birthday cake.

#1 daughter and I carefully didn’t talk about work till after we finished our cupcakes, so we could be sure to have had a birthday lunch. It was fun.