I read this morning, while looking for a study I knew I saw somewhere about pets and wellbeing, that we need 6.5 total hours per day of interaction with other people.

Coincidentally, I had at least 6.5 hours of human interaction today:

  • 1.5 hours with a client discussing their design mockup
  • Skype with #2 daughter and a team member
  • 1 hour supporting #1 son’s young adult angst
  • 20 minutes explaining Facebook Insights to a client
  • 1 hour meeting with a new team member
  • two calls with Janalisa
  • dinner with my husband

It seemed like a lot at the time.

However, I think I’m getting a cold. Sniffling, sore throat, headache… I blame it on #1 son, who got sick last Friday and shared it with me. He then went climbing all weekend. No wonder he’s angst-ridden.