Today it is six months from Christmas Eve. I used to work with a woman, the Poster Queen, who always announced on June 25th that it was six months till Christmas. I’m not sure what we were supposed to do about it. However, in one week it will be six months till New Year’s Eve, and I am going to be aggressive about my fitness goals for 2016, so that I will be able to meet them by that day.

In honor of this, and because my planner obsession has helped me to do many good things so far, I purchased a 6-month fitness planner from 1 Woman Press. It begins with a description of the SMART goals system, a place to write down your goals, and a space for before and after photo and measurements.


There’s a place to list your measurements for each of the six months.


Then there are monthly sections with more specific steps and goals broken down, which is how I like to do it. They have motivational bits.


Each week in the month gets its own goals/wins calendar with places to record meals and exercise. There’s a little Journal box, too.


Each week also gets a shopping list, with sections for protein, healthy fats, fruit & veg, and “other.” This is how I shop, too.


I plan to blather on extensively about this. Interspersed with knitting and quilting and dithering about my fall SWAP and occasional travel and family news. I am not planning on any major excitement in my life for the next six months, because I will be completely taken up with meeting my fitness goals.

I think it’s possible that if I actually do this and use this tool correctly, I will meet my goals by December 31.