In six weeks I will be flying to Germany to stay with my son-in-law’s mother and celebrate #2 daughter’s wedding 2.0.

I took this as an opportunity to undertake a quest.

It was not a very well-defined quest. At the beginning, I was going through health tests and feeling very stressed by the process. I was still hoping to come up with a cure for vertigo and dreading a diagnosis of sarcoidosis. I was not keeping up with my housekeeping and self-care, and just barely struggling through my workdays.

The quest was to help me to be a chic and healthy old lady by the time I got on that plane.

Now I have finished the health adventures. My blood sugar is stable, my blood pressure is good, my kidney function has even improved a little bit.

I’m doing well at work, getting through my housekeeping checklist, and eating right.

What still needs doing? Well, I still want to make more progress on the dizziness front. I also need to get properly into the habit of grooming. I’ve been dressing like a grownup, but skincare, hair and makeup — I let those slide.

I have tried to develop those habits for years, as this journal can attest, I have six weeks to do it before I leave. I will be staying with my son-in-law’s mother. I want to appear properly BCBG and make a good impression on her. Perhaps this will motivate me to accomplish this goal at long last.