I’ve received the Home Edit gold stars for my kitchen, and am doing a good job of keeping the surfaces clear and the dishes washed.

We are now moving on to the bedroom, and the first Gold Star project is “a drawer.” Just one.

Actually, this works well for me. Thanks to the Bedroom Project, my drawers are mostly things of beauty. Below you will see pictures taken spontaneously, with no tidying.

Bras and panties.

Socks, tights, and scarves. Apparently I need more scarves.



Summer tops and sweaters.

But there is a pair of small drawers that hold my HotPatterns T shirts.

They are not untidy, but they are not a thing of beauty. I watched YouTube videos on how to fold and file T shirts for obsessively correct T shirt storage.

Here’s the result. Is it better? I still get a gold star, right?