Yesterday morning I made a Spanish Tortilla for the team meeting breakfast. Also banana muffins and fruit.

In the course of the meeting, #1 son mentioned that #2 son was coming to stay for the weekend. #2 daughter had just left, so I quickly washed the bed linens.

#1 son and DIL offered to bring pizza and play games. I took a couple of hours that afternoon to rest, since I’ve been struggling with a cough. Then #1 daughter called to ask if I could babysit, and of course I was happy to.

All this was ordinary good stuff. #2 son arrived and we had good conversations. #1 son and DIL arrived with the pizza and we decided on a game. #1 daughter arrived with the Baby and we played with her and encouraged her to walk.

But then La Bella arrived, because we had planned to go to a concert. I had completely forgotten.

“I’m in a bit of a quandary,” I said. But my kids said they’d mind the baby, so I headed off to hear Sarah Mesko sing. It was a splendid concert. It’s hard to say which pieces were my favorites. “St. Anthony’s Sermon to the Fish” is certainly a contender. “Seasnatch” was also marvelous.

There were plenty more. We enjoyed it very much. There were lots of people we knew there, and we had the chance to chat during the intermission.

One woman I hadn’t seen in some time said, “You’re much thinner. Are you okay?” I assured her I was. Egypt remarked that it was tough when you said someone had lost weight and how had they done it — and they responded “Cancer” or “Divorce.” She has a point. It was a first for me, though.

By the time I got home, everyone but #2 son had gone home. We had some more good conversations. He shared that he and his girlfriend, whom we all like a lot, had decided that they were going to be a permanent fixture. Long-distance relationships aren’t ideal, he opined, but they were doing fine with it.

#2 daughter is in the same position with her current beau. Both of these keepers are coming for Thanksgiving.

Today I’m going up to #1 daughter’s to help with the baking for the Baby’s first birthday party. #2 son has headed to the next state for a tournament. He’ll be back for dinner.