Yesterday was poetry reading day in my class, the last day of our section on poetry. One of the students told me how much she had enjoyed reading poetry, and how much it had surprised her that she had.

We then went on to sketchily act out the play in tableaux vivants, a practice which I think helps students to grasp the story before they try to fight their way through the play.

I then went over to join a client meeting in progress. They were having an all-day goal setting meeting. #1 daughter was there from the beginning, and I arrived as they were finishing lunch. I missed the vison-building part, but got there for keep/change and SWOT analysis.

It should not be a surprise to hear that I like this kind of meeting. I like having clear goals to shoot for and I enjoy brainstorming sessions. However, in this case it seemed that the basic goals had already been determined by management, and a lot of time was spent brow-beating people into agreeing with those goals. There were tears by the end of the meeting. It did give me some good ideas, though.

I drove home in such bad traffic that it took over an hour to make the drive to my home. I squeaked into the drive through line at the bank just in time to make the deposit I’d been carrying, and got home an hour after my official Friday Quit Time, had a post mortem of the meeting with #1 daughter, and grilled steaks my husband had brought home.

So I have some leftover work to do. And housework and perhaps some grocery shopping. I want to arrange the patio furniture and plant things. I’ve been thinking of baking a pineapple upside down cake. I have many categories still to tidy.

But I also need to put in some serious knitting time. #2 son’s sweater didn’t get finished by his birthday.