IMG_0052 #2 son came home. #1 son came over with his home made guacamole and the three of us played Discworld: Ankh-Morpork in the evenings. Then the boys left for a tournament and a rock band battle respectively, and #2 daughter arrived.

Shortly thereafter we went to WordCamp, always fun.

So with one thing and another it has been a different sort of week. I’ve worked less, exercised less, eaten more of the Evil 6, and possibly had more fun, though I laways have a fair amount of fun.

I learned some new things at WordCamp, spent time with old friends, met some new people, and have ended up with sore muscles and a sore throat. The sore muscles are, I assume, from sitting in those chairs for hours.

The sore throat might be from shouting.

In any case, I’ve got some work to do today and will probably be seeing #2 daughter off and welcoming #2 son back. A yoga  class with Daily Burn would probably be a good idea, too.